The Show Must Go On!



I have never caught a cold in the summer. Until now. And I wish I never had. I feel terrible. This stupid cold made even worse by the beautiful weather we had in Chicagoland today. At lest in the winter the weather is terrible and you don’t feel like you’re missing anything.

And, naturally, it came on a day where I had 2 jobs and 4 auditions. Every fiber in my being wanted to stay in bed… yet… I kept remembering that old saying… “The Show Must Go On…The Show MUST Go ON” and so I forced myself out of bed and willed myself into the studio, praying all the way that somehow I would sound somewhat like myself and less like a bullfrog.

I was, in fact, able to record a somewhat passable read for CHI St. Luke’s Health… though what I really wanted to do was see one of their doctors!

One thing that kept me going was the memory of one of the very first jobs I did years ago for The Grand Geneva Hotel. I was extremely sick yet I willed myself forward, drove 2 hours to the studio and turned in what happened to be a great performance.

I realize it’s not always possible or wise to do this, but I do know that there are times we must rely on our will to overcome the challenges our circumstances, bodies and emotions throw at us. Have you ever had to do this? How did it turn our for you?

Keep Calm and Soldier On!

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