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welcomeIf you have been living under a rock and haven’t poked your head out –  the voiceover world has radically changed… and is continuing to!  When I began my journey in this business – way back when bread was .54 and gas was $1.25 – audio was recorded on “tape” that wound itself around a Nagra AND edits were made with “tape” of a different sort and a wax pencil! That method is a far cry from how things are done today using CPUs and DAWs and although it’s been challenging, believe it or not, this old dog has learned quite a few new tricks!

I’ve been voicing commercials, audiobooks, e-learning modules and more from the Chicagoland area for the past 10 years and not long ago decided I wanted to really define MY sound… my essence… my working world presence. However, having such a large body of work spanning many different genres made that a gnarly task.

Thankfully a Dynamic Duo came to my rescue!

Celia Siegel of CSM did an amazing job helping me understand that my working world presence is really no different than my “real” world presence. What I bring to your TV Spot or Phone Recording or E-Learning script is the same thing I bring to my family, friends and neighbors… it’s ME! The things I pour into each and every project are the very things I was gratefully born with… genuine warmth, honest caring, gentle softness, deep love, tested strength, true compassion and playful fun. Celia realized these were the exact same qualities she loves about her closest neighbors and friends and thus the idea of The Neighbor Lady VO was born.

homeI have to be honest at this point and say that I didn’t love the concept at first… it felt to “old” for me (a young girl of 29!) … but as I sat with it for a few days I was smitten by the authenticity of the idea. It’s a brand identity that truly captures the essence of who I am. I really do want to be your best “go to” neighbor lady pal for anything – always here at the ready – to open the door, welcome you in and help you with whatever you need for the day: a quick turn-around VO for a TV spot or corporate narration, a listening ear or a literal cup of sugar.

Denise Biondo of Biondo Studio took Celia’s concept and brought it to life with her creative vision, enduring patience, discerning eye and delightful energy. She artfully crafted my website and logos to reflect my likes, my personality and budget. She is a very talented, professional creative who’s work I have loved and that I have loved working with.

So… thanks for stopping by my new online home. I hope you’ll feel welcome, happy and comfortable while you’re here and of course, please let me know if you need anything by using any of the contact links on my page!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?!

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